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Das Department - ... Und Abgehda! (CD)


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  1. The official website for Arizona nu metal band DED. Ded's debut album MIS•AN•THROPE will be released July 21, and features "Anti-Everything", "FMFY" and "Dead To Me.".
  2. Important note – The summary at the top of the page shows winning data for to inclusive. D&AD Awards.
  3. Organizations. Dame Allan's Schools, Fenham, Newcastle upon Tyne, England; Danish Aviation Systems, a supplier and developer of unmanned aerial vehicles; Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad, the Colombian intelligence agency; Department of Applied Science, UC Davis; Debt Arrangement Scheme, Scotland, see Accountant in Bankruptcy; Places. Das (crater), a lunar impact .
  4. Das Department ist politisch, es polarisiert und provoziert. Und bei den Beats liegt dann auch so manches im Argen. Besonders die ersten vier Songs und alle 23! Interludes kann man getrost vergessen. Was ja, wie wir alle wissen, das Gegenteil von gut ist. Vampire - Death SS - The Cursed Concert mit Track vierzehn kommt "mehr Licht" ins.
  5. The result was 17 live tracks on a two-CD album, which was named Psychopatico, packaged in a colorful cover of live photos, and released November 18, The album also included a brand new track called Jacketless in December and live videos to the tracks Bad Craziness and Cloudy Hours.
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  7. das department "King Smo", das department " und abgehda", nominiert für das Kurzilmfestival Oberhausen, Die Erben der Scherben Keine Macht für Niemand, Trailer liebe sünde - Unterwegs, London Moskau, Neapel/Capri, New York und Berlin-Usedom Filmboard Berlin-Brandenburg Präsentationstrailer für die Berlinale Dr. Motte.
  8. 1st_Down_(Phatkat_and_Jaydee)-A_Day_Wit_The_HomiezCMS 1z2-Nic_Co_Ludzkie-PLCMS 2_Black_2_Strong_MMG-Burn_Baby_Burn-CD_EPCMS 2_Black_2_Strong_MMG.
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