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The Selegrend Movement - Stein Urheim - Utopian Tales (Vinyl, LP, Album, Album)


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  1. ‘Utopian Tales’ offers strange yet beautiful soundscapes inspired by microtonality – the little gaps between the notes. Just as the rigid divisions of the well-tempered scale in Western music mirrored hierarchical structures in society at large, so microtonal music, which uses intervals smaller than a semi-tone, can be reflective of a freer and more fluid social order.
  2. Stein Urheim’s beautifully-structured solo album, ‘Simple Pieces & Paper Cut-Outs’, provides a formally adventurous and sonically immaculate listening experience that at the same time acts as an inspirational masterclass for guitarists everywhere.
  3. Utopia made an excellent progressive rock album, "RA". That was a minor hit record for the group and was just in time to take advantage of the mini-hobbit craze of the late s. In the terms of the time it was called "head" music and lived % up to the title. I had a lot of good times jamming to RA/5(13).
  4. Die CD Stein Urheim: Utopian Tales jetzt probehören und für 16,99 Euro kaufen. Mehr von Stein Urheim gibt es im Shop.
  5. Stein Urheim - Utopian Tales [Hubro Music] Recently put on the circuit via the Norwegian Hubro Music imprint is "Utopian Tales", the new, late-summer released album effort by Bergen's Stein Urheim who has worked with quite a bunch of fellow musicians on this one.
  6. Stein Urheim wittily incorporates aspects of this history into ‘Utopian Tales’, whose titles make reference to the imagined places of Mikrotonia, Carnaticala and Just Intonation Island, as well as the real-life milieu of the Selegrend Movement, a utopian ‘alternative community’ of the s established near to Bergen, Norway, where Urheim lives.
  7. A perfect world with no flaws whatsoever. A world where everything you have ever wanted-including peace-was given. A world where you are one with nature and the universe depends on your well being. This utopian society and transcendentalism movement promoted this world. Sadly, the movement fell apart before it even started.
  8. STEIN URHEIM: Ustopia - Part One · Mikrotonia · Just Intonation Island · Letter from Walden Two · Trouble in Carnaticala · Hear the People Sing · The Clown · The Selegrend Movement · Ustopia - Part Two · Pala All music by Steinmore Urheim (TONO) except intro theme to Ustopia – Part Two, trad. adapted by Olav Snortheim.
  9. A body of writings commonly associated with the utopian tradition even though the works seem to be in direct contradiction are variously referred to as anti-utopian or distopian. This group includes some distinguished books, the most famous being Samuel Butler's Erewhon, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, and George Orwell's

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