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Knock Knock Knock - Turbo Hy Dramatics - High Mass On The High Frontier (Vinyl, LP, Album)


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  1. Nov 24,  · My 04 Yamaha Grizzly is making a bit of noise after a high-speed run at high altitude.
  2. Knock-Knock Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. View Mobile Site JokeyPsych EndgameHonest GalaxyQuest.
  3. Jan 09,  · This is still debatable information because some people are getting crazy numbers, and some stock cars are getting crazy low and high numbers, however this is the number that most stay in. If you are getting extreme positive values, such as , numbers such as that, you most likely have a vacuum leak or a bad Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF).
  4. Many items can cause engine knock. Poor fuel quality, too aggressive of a tune, engine experiencing heat soak, excessive boost or too high of a Compression Ratio are just a few items that can cause engine knock. Engine knock can happen at any time, during a daily drive, a .
  5. High Mass On The High Frontier LP () High Frontier Whistling Death Death Dance Partly Cloudy And Greezy Polish Worker We Are Mad And We Are Taking No Shit Mainline Don't Think Night Into Day Turning Night Into Day Knock Knock Knock Mad Dog High Mass On The High Frontier Set Fire To Your Self.
  6. However poor cooling around the combustion chambers or high inlet charge are often the most sustained causes of engine knock. If you can reduce point sources of high temperature in the combustion chamber (proper cooling methods), reduce the inlet charge temperature and reduce peak compression pressure, you can sustain higher ignition advance.
  7. Dec 21,  · It doesn't get a knock count when in high load range and WOT (without letting off of the gas pedal). I want to say that this is "normal", because after I pulled up old datalogs from when I was using the "Tune 1" pre-made tune, I found knocks in the same band range, just occurring more often. All of the tunes I've built so far have been based.
  8. May 27,  · My B has about 85 hours on it. I was tilling the garden yesterday when suddenly the engine developed a significant knock. I immediately closed the throttle. The temp guage was fine (reading about 1/8th on the scale like it usually does). I limped back to the garage with the tractor making an excessive amount of blue smoke.
  9. Dec 22,  · It is the ratio of knock to knock threshold which indicates how close you are to knock. Generally if the knock is below around 30% of the knock threshold then you are fine. If you are getting 'false knock' then look at the engine and determine what is causing the knock sensor to read noise as knock - any loose item or bolt will cause the knock.

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